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A Noble Roman In society there is always one individual who has the majority or complete power over all, such as an emperor. During the time of the Roman Empire these individuals would come into power by force and usually have a strong army to sustain their power. Every leader has people beneath him, some of which who oppose him. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is one of the greatest tragedies ever written. In this play, Julius Caesar is murdered by a group of conspirators who wish to prevent him from coming into power and ruling as emperor. The most powerful conspirator was Brutus. He is the one who inserted the knife which ended Caesar"˜s life after various thrusts from the other conspirators. Brutus was a noble roman and a wise controlling leader.

A noble man is one who shows good morals, integrity, bravery and deserves to be respected; Brutus is one of these men.

"The noble Brutus is ascended. Silence" (Act III, 831). In the eyes of the people Brutus is noble and respected. They see him as a figure of respect and one who can answer their requests and lead them well. In Act II, Brutus is gathered with Cassius and the other conspirators. Cassius wishes that an oath be taken to swear their resolution. Brutus replies that they shall not, because even though they are noble Romans, they will not live by this oath. This action indeed shows that Brutus is noble by accepting the responsibilities of what he is about to do, but still considers himself to be a Roman. All Romans are expected to act by a certain code that is set by the citizens of Rome. Throughout the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus lives by this code and does not do...