Nobles, Tyrants, and Their Effect on Greece

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Nobles, Tyrants, and Their Effect in Greece

Greek history has been shaped the people and those who have had a strong outcome

Nobles, tyrants, and various other types of people have played a very important role in the shaping of Greece's history. From time to time, power changes from people to people. In America, there are elections every four years to determine who our next president will be. In Greece, the power shifted from the kings to the nobles to tyrants and to others.

At a certain point in time, the chief landowners of Greece gradually began to have more influence on the kings of Greece's city-states. These were the nobles, the people with the most money and had more power than everybody else had. There were a couple of reasons they were so important and crucial in the eyes of the Greek kings. The nobles supplied cavalry to the military forces.

The military depended intensely on the cavalry so without it, they were powerless.

As the population steadily increased, the amount of land that could be farmed, however, did not. Farmers with smaller pieces of land had trouble supplying their families with sufficient food and necessities. When the time for harvest came and their crops were not adequate, their only choice was to mortgage or sell off their land to the nobles. The nobles even went one step more further. If a farmer could not pay off their debt, they were sold off in to slavery. My opinion of this is that the nobles were so cruel that they had to have the farmers sold as slaves. If I were a noble, I would just ignore the situation instead of making it far worse for the live of the poor farmers.

As the quantity of jobless...