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What is an abortion? "The administration of any drug, device, potion, medicine, or any other substance or the use of any instrument or any other means whatsoever with the specific intent of terminating the life of a pre-born child (the human being in existence from fertilization until birth) or pre-born children" ("Abortion"). The laws vary from state to state. However, the North Carolina State Abortion Law does not include enough restrictions for young women. I believe that the North Carolina State Abortion Law does not protect the fetus as it should.

In order for a young woman to have this medical procedure preformed she must have written parental consent, considering "she is under the age of eighteen and has never been married or emancipated" ("Who" 1). In the same way, "a grandparent whom the young woman has been living with for six months may also provide parental consent" ("Who"). By the parents giving consent to the young woman for an abortion, they are saying "it's okay", when in reality it's not.

For instance, what if every young lady had that mentality, then there would be no hope for future generations. However, "the parental consent may be waived if the court finds that the young woman is a victim of rape or incest" ("Who"). It may occur that the young woman's life is being threatened. Well in this case, "only if the attending physician determines that a medical emergency exists that so complicates the pregnancy as to require an immediate abortion" ("Who"). In cases such as this, an abortion is necessary to save the life of the young woman. "The parental mandate may be waived of the young woman obtains permission form a judge" ("Who"). In doing so, "she must secure a court order stating that she is mature and well informed enough to make her own decision, that parental consent is not in her best interests, or that she is a victim of rape or "felonious incest"" ("Who). I think that the judge should consider the life of the fetus that is at stake and take into consideration that it is more than just terminating a pregnancy it is murder.

On the contrary, some people lean towards pro-choice, when it comes to abortion. "Pro-choice is a common self-description used by people who believe that women should have the legal right to have an abortion, or that one should be able to choose on issues relating to the life or death of themselves or any part of their body (Pro-choice). Pro-choice advocates greatly support 'Plan B', which is the emergency contraceptive, morning after pill. For example, California and Hawaii do not require parental permission for an abortion to be performed on young women. States such as these, leave the final decision up to the mother to decide.

In my opinion, everyone deserves the right to life, especially the innocent unborn child. The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees certain rights to all Americans. "Since the right to life is necessary in order for an individual to enjoy any other rights, I support legal protection of all innocent human life from fertilization until natural death" (NCRTL). I strongly support the words of our founding fathers found in the Declaration of Independence. "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" (NCRTL). We should protect the life of the unborn offspring, because not only is it a fetus. It is a human being just like you and I.

Due to the amplified number of abortions reported in North Carolina, the statistics show that the rates are higher now than ever. "Since 1967, the number of abortions reported in North Carolina has increased" (State). "On average, about seventy-one abortions per day were preformed in North Carolina residents in 2002" (State). "Of the 2002 reported abortions, the overwhelming majority (98.3 percent) were preformed in 'non-hospital settings, primarily free-standing clinics,' while (1.7 percent) were preformed in hospitals" (State). It is assumed that the young women abortions, was probably life threatening. The age range of 20-24 had the highest number of members for abortions at an outrageous 3,735 (State). Out of these 3,735 young women, 643 were married, 2,960 were unmarried, and 132 had unknown martial status (State). These unwanted aborted babies, could have been our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, and care takers. But unfortunately, their right to life was taken away and they were aborted.

It is clear for any sane individual to see that the North Carolina State Abortion Law does not have enough restrictions for young women. Compared to the California State Abortion Law, North Carolina is one among the twenty-one states who require parental consent. Here in Robeson County out of 6,295 reported births there were 897 abortions; and Robeson County ranked number 66 in the State of North Carolina (Johnston). Having an abortion is a selfish and unruly act, unless the pregnancy is life threatening. Young women should think through the consequences of their actions because they were given the right to life and the unborn child deserves it as well.

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