Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland General facts capital: Belfast population: approximately 1.5 million people size: 5,500 square miles equal to 14139 square kilometres religion: 50,6 Protestants (mainly British by culture) 38.4 Roman Catholics (mainly Irish by culture) - Catholics are associated with Irish Nationalism and the restoration of self government - Protestants regard the Catholic′s demands as a threat to their Protestant life and Northern Ireland economy - highest number of unemployed people within the UK - depend on government subsidy, public sector to provide jobs and social welfare as well as unemployment benefit - use the British pound sterling, several banks print notes that are only can be used in Northern Ireland - longest river Shannon (386 km) - biggest sea Lough Neagh (382 square kilometres) - along the border 450 kilometres several guards of the British Army Politics Northern Ireland consists of 6 counties1 The New Northern Ireland Assembly was established as part of the ′Good Friday Agreement′.

Under the Agreement , the Assembly has full legislative and executive authority in respect of those matters previously within the remit of 6 Northern Ireland government departments: Department of Agriculture Department of Economic Development Department of Education Department of the Environment Department of Finance and Personnel Department of Health and Social Services Under the Northern Ireland Act of 74 the UK parliament approves all laws for NI and NI departments under the direction and control of a UK cabinet Minister, the Secretary of State for NI. Under the system of direct rule the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has overall responsibility, through the Northern Ireland Office, for political and criminal justice, policy and community relations History 16 Easter Rising Rebellion by Pro-home rule Irish 20/21 Partition 26 counties became Irish Free State 6 counties Northern Ireland First Northern Ireland Parliament opens,