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INTRODUCTION I am writing about the conflict known as 'The Northern Irish problem.' Beginning with some background data and noteworthy dates, I will clearly explain, how the conflict came to be. Following the Important Dates section, I will explain who the main parties are and how they are involved. The conclusion of this essay will state the nature of the conflict, and what is being done to resolve it. My perspective on who is in the right will follow thereafter.

Status: Part of the United Kingdom Location: Northern Ireland occupies the northeastern corner of the island of Ireland. It takes up about a sixth of the island, or 5,452 sq. Mi. or 14,121 sq. km. The independent Republic of Ireland occupies the rest of the island. Northern Ireland is often called Ulster.

Population (1998 est.): 1,688,600 people live in Northern Ireland. About two-thirds of them live in urban areas. The largest cities are Belfast and Londonderry.

Capital and largest city (1992): Belfast, 287,500 Monetary unit: British pound sterling (£) Language: English Religions: Presbyterian, Church of Ireland, Roman Catholic, Methodist. The majority of the population is Protestant, and nearly 40% is Catholic.

Ancestry: A majority of the people who live in Northern Ireland are descended from English and Scottish settlers who arrived there since the 1600's. Most of the rest trace their ancestry to the earlier Celtic, Viking, and Norman settlers of the island of Ireland.

Language: English is the official language of Northern Ireland, and all the people there speak it. The Irish language, a form of Gaelic once used throughout Ireland, is taught to children in Roman Catholic schools and in some Protestant schools.

Industry: The land is mountainous and has few natural resources. It comprises 26 districts. English is the official language. Farming (livestock, dairy products, cereals, potatoes)...