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The IRA is a military organization formed in 1919 that has been destined to unite the country of Ireland with Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. The Irish Republican Army was known by many names: the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Provos, Volunteers, Republicans, and most important is the title Fenians. The lack of recognition from British parliament over Irish consensus left Irish sympathizers and nationalist groups such as Sinn Fein and the Fenians with but only few options.

In this essay I plan to give a brief history and timeline of the organization known as the IRA. Being very interested in this topic I have determined that I will look at both sides of an argument by asking myself one question. Is the IRA's use of violence justified in order for them to overcome an oppressive British Rule? In this essay I plan to answer this question from both viewpoints without discrimination.

The Easter Rising of 1916 brought about the Proclamation of the Republic, it was issued as the founding document of the IRA. This declared an independent republic and promised that Republicans would have equal rights and equal opportunities for all the Irish people. Unfortunately the Easter Rising was destroyed within a week with the British government executing sixteen of it's leaders. In 1918 elections took place electing members of the Sein Fein, the Irish revolution list party into seats of the British parliament. Instead of taking their seats they seat up an independent Irish Parliament named the Dail Eireann and proclaimed Ireland independence from Brittain.

In 1919 the IRA started their form of guerilla warfare to fight for their independence from the British, and more so to defend themselves from the British who tried to eliminate this new parliament. With tactics such as raids and...