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Tashi Brown

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Poetry Analysis

Not So Cool

When we turn on the news there is always a shooting or a killing in most cases it is our young men. They are fighting a war that they do not even know why it started. The people of America are becoming less emotionally to these deaths and I believe that is why Gwendolyn Brooks wrote this poem. In the poem, "We Real Cool" author Gwendolyn Brooks points this out in her poem. The message she was trying to get across is that if you do not play by the rules then your life will not be long.

The poem "We Real Cool," starts by saying, "The Pool Players. Seven at The Golden Shovel." It is seven friend playing pool when they are suppose to be in school. They do not play by the rules and they believe that it is cool to be doing what they are doing.

The seven boys/men think they are cool. They either skipped school or dropped out of school. They are out late probably around places trying to keep a low profile. When they see someone they do not like they do not wait to fight they go straight in. They probably sing songs that have every curse word in the books. When they are drinking they thin it out because they cannot handle it or they do not have enough money to buy another bottle. They have to make sure that they all get a buzz from the gin. With everything that they are doing they will die soon because this is not the way to live a full life.

The emotions in the poem by the author are pity on these seven men who probably will not live a...