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There is nothing new under the sun. Since the beginning of time, as we know it, everything that is present here on earth today has been here for millions of years. We do not create anything new, we simply invent and construct with the resources that have been provided here on earth. For example, in the time of dinosaurs, all the raw materials were here to construct a automobile. Before time was recorded, electricity was present along with nuclear energy, we have discovered the ways to harness these powers. The concept of a computer, however, is scarcely a century old, and modern electronic computation has existed for only a few decades. Computers are now used for communicating over large geographical areas through satellite, phone lines, fiber optic cables, and microwave technology. Global guidelines are needed for security of individual privacy.

Communications through these mediums, as they have been developed, have been regulated since 1934 when The Federal Communications Act of 1934 established the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and empowered this agency to make rules regulating local, state, and national communications.

Because of the widespread use of communicating with computers through modems, (modulate/demodulate) this agency will undoubtedly continue to regulate the communications environment and database accessibility in the future for all who want to access the 'information highway'. The FCC needs to continue to be the authority for what businesses, hardware/software manufactures, and the public can access through these communication environments. System software developers, the programmers who design the formats and graphical

layouts for the information highway, want everyone to be able to access everything they design for big business advertising. This means that all information that can be put into digital form, including pictures, audio, movies and text, would be assessable to anyone with a computer and modem (Soma).