The novel, entitled GREAT EXPECTATIONS, was written by the remarkable Charles Dickens. My report tackles the overall view of the story including the characters & their backgrounds.

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By Charles Dickens

SETTING: Kent, month of December


Phillip Pirrup- he was called "Pip" by everybody. He was an orphan who lived with his sister and his brother-in-law.

Mrs. Joe Gargery- the elder sister of Pip who was not very affectionate. She has a very bad temper.

Joseph Gargery-Pip's brother-in-law and friend

Ms. Havisham- an immensely rich and grim old lady who lived in a big , neglected house

Estella- a beautiful young lady. who was loved by Pip. She was adopted by Ms. Havisham.

Mr. Jagger- the lawyer who had clients of all kinds--- not all of them the best kind of people.

Mr. Abel Magwitch- the convict who willed a big sum of money to Pip.


Mr. and Mrs. Hubble- the wheel maker and his wife.

Biddy- an orphan girl in the village who helped in the Gargery household when Mrs.

Joe was attacked.

Herbert Pocket-a poor gentlemen who lived with Pip when he was already loiving in London.

Mr. Wemmick-short, dry man with glittering eyes. He was the clerk who assisted Mr. Jagger.

Startop-one of the students of Mr. Pocket who helped Pip in the time of trouble

Bentley Drummle- the other student with Startop and Pip. He got married with Estella


It was Christmas Eve. Pip visited hi parents'grave on the deserted marshes. Suddenly, a huge man appeared and seized Pip's chin in a steely grip. The man ordered Pip to get a file and steal some food. He made it clear that no one should know about it or else he would be dead. So Pip got a file from his brother-in-laws tool box and stole pork-pie from the pantry. Pip gave what the convict wanted. He ate the food greedily and then he...