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The aim of this assignment is to discuss and identify a nursing skill whilst on placement. As this was my placement the nursing skill I performed was bed bathing a patient. The skill of bed bathing is fundamental and essential for my first year at nursing school. By participating in bed bathing a patient it has enabled me to identify how to plan and implement nursing care to patients in conjunction with affective nursing skills. However, I not only had to consider the practice skills with a patients hygiene needs but also the privacy and dignity of the patient. Throughout this assignment names have been changed due to confidentiality of the patient and staff involved.

Nursing skill procedure

It was my second day on practice placement and Nurse Smith asked me to assist giving a patient a bed bath. The patient was an eighty one year old lady named Ivy.

She Had recently had a hip replacement and suffered with pancreatitis. Due to her hip replacement her mobility was greatly reduced, and the pancreatitis also caused her severe pain. We first explained to her what we were going to do and asked for her consent, which was given verbally, the Code of Conduct states ' those who are legally competent may give consent in writing, orally, or by co-operation' (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2002).

To ensure safe practice the area surrounding the patients' bed was cleared of any obstacles, this would then allow us to move around the bed freely. We then made sure that no windows were ajar also, as this would of caused a draught and made the patient feel uncomfortable. To maintain the patients' privacy and dignity we pulled the curtains around the bed and the ones on the window. Once Nurse Smith and...