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The aim of this assignment is to reflect on an incident that took place whilst I was on my practice placement. The client involved in the incident will be referred to as "Carol", for the purpose of maintaining patient confidentiality, as stated in the Code of Professional Conduct (2002). The incident took place whilst I was on practice placement at a local care in the community resource centre, a centre which psychiatric clients used to visit, for support and continuum of care and recovery from their illness. The duration of the placement was seven weeks.

I will explore this incident and give my understanding of the event in relation to professional, legal and ethical considerations. In order to present a well-structured reflection, I have chosen to utilise a framework of reflection by Gibbs (1998) to help me present my reflection in a natural sequence of events. The framework is iterative and enables me to ask myself a series of questions at stopping points, to help me put the experience into an organised manner.


I first met the client Carol in the kitchen of the resource centre on a wet November afternoon. The theme of the Tuesday Café was 'Soup and Rolls'. I had known for a few days that I would be involved in this activity and I was very much looking forward to it. I would assist with the serving of the meal and the collection of the monies. Working alongside two community support workers, I felt confident in my own ability, and sure that I was about to enjoy the next hour and a half of socializing.

A steady flow of hungry clients passed through the kitchen doors, each clutching a bowl of soup and a roll as they left. Carol was one of the last clients...