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05 October 14

What is Fate in The Odyssey?

Is a journey home determined by fate? Is one in control of one's fate coming from work

or school? Fate, development of events beyond a person's control, is a common theme in the The

Odyssey. Odysseus is the king of Ithaka and is married to Penelope. Penelope is believed to be

widowed after Odysseus has left to fight in the battle of Troy and hasn't returned in over a

decade. The book is written in "in medias res" where the epic poem starts in the middle of the

narrative. As the poem opens Odysseus is on Kalypso's island where he is stranded. She was a

caring goddess, immortal, and used Odysseus for sexual purposes while he stayed on the island.

Hermes was sent by Zeus to tell Kalypso to help Odysseus start his journey to Ithaka. Odysseus'

journey home was an eventful one with numerous trials and tribulations due to the actions of his

crewmen, the gods, and Odysseus himself. In the odyssey the characters have a defined destiney

but throughout the novel it is clear that the gods decide the charters fate which outlines that fate

in not in the hands of its owner.

Fate in The Odyssey is not in the control of the characters. In the poem it was clear it was

time for Odysseus to go home after all the years passed. This was in thanks to Hermes telling

Kalypso to help start Odysseus on his journey home. However, Odysseus was unaware that his

journey home would not be easy. After being held captive, in a sense, by kalypso for so long he

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questioned her motives for helping him. "After these years, a helping hand?...