Off Shoring

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The statistics show that how organization can off-shore and fail because saving in labor cost is not as important as having customers or projects. The article describes 10 different aspects to keep in minding when thinking about off-shoring. The first one describes how there can key position that plays an important role in compositeness of the organization and these position should be kept in house because of the importance and role of the position. The second one is about the central command being focused on the same direction for the team to be focused because like mentioned in article "Passive resistance in the organization can doom the outsourcing relationship," by C Justice, (2005) in an InfoWorld article. The third one is building strong internal project management team that is going to lead the team and not get over whelmed by new challenges. Forth aspect mentioned in the article discusses about how the organization need to be functional with functional process before it can be outsourced because outsourcing is not the solution to problem in process.

Fifth aspect of off-shoring that can be disregarded is the compliance and the legal process of the off-shore vendors. The article also discusses about the how to verify that the off-shore vendor is practicing industry standard processes and procedures. The seventh aspect that the article describes discusses about talent provided by off-shore vendors can be questionable so that it should be mentioned in the contract and verified regularly. Eighth aspect is investigating the best price to get a feeling of the market and not necessarily lose functionality or quality of the product. The ninth aspect discusses about the cultural difference and how that can play a role on the project management side. And the last aspect mentioned in the article points at a very...