Oil: The Black Gold

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Over this last summer, gas prices have soared to all time highs. In some parts of the Country the price gallon of gas has risen up to three dollars a gallon. Many factors resulted in this price increase, including the recent Hurricanes such as Katrina and Rita that damaged many Gulf Refinery stations. However, these natural disasters only affect the oil economy for limited periods of time. The biggest cause for gas price increases in the rise in demand of gasoline products nationally and all over the world.

The huge popularity of sport utility vehicles and trucks that are being produced by many automobile manufactures has helped lead to this increase in gas demand. And since the United States is an oil dependant country that imports oil from other nations, worries of this energy crisis has caused the Bush administration to press for bills to allow several oil companies to tap into the oil reserves in Northeast Alaska to help increase our supply of oil.

But this issue has been strongly debated for the past three decades with no solution. Environmental Protection groups have argued that the benefits of oil drilling in Alaska are not enough to overcome the potential environmental damage that will be caused.

There are several alternatives to gasoline that need to be researched heavily in order to find the oil replacement. And the main disagreement between the deeply divided conservation and environmentalist groups and between the current government administrations needs to be addressed and resolved. As completely siding with one opinion or the other will only complicate and slow down the process towards progress. There is much work and effort and planning that needs to happen in order to attempt in resolving these issues now and to achieve a greater accomplishment which is a nation that...