Old Man And The Sea

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Old Man And The Sea Hemingway writes a great novel about an old man, the hero of the book Santiago who battles a fish that almost kills him, but in the end he is a winner. After battling the fish he is attacked by sharks who eat the fish. In this book Santiago is defeated but not destroyed because he loses the fish but gets up and fishes tomorrow. Another example is that Joe Dimaggio fought injury late in his career but came back to play hard and well.

Last but not least another reason why being defeated does not mean being destroyed is the boy. The boy loves Santiago and stays with him threw thick and thin even when his father says he is not allowed to fish with him anymore he still does what he can. This shows how the boy has faith in Santiago.

Santiago is defeated but not destroyed because he loses the fish to the sharks but in his mind he is not defeated because he catches and fight the fish to death and wins with all his will power, even in his old age.

he looks at it as a victory because he caught the largest fish he has ever caught.

Joe Dimaggio one of the best baseball players ever was the best in his time but at the end of his career his fought injury that placed him on the sidelines. He fought through that and after hardwork looked like his oldself. Joe Dimaggio was defeated in a way but in the end was not destroyed.

The boy always loved the old man and stayed with him and wouldn't stop believing in him. When the boys father told him he could no longer fish with Santiago he was defeated because he was...