The Old Testament: Fact or Fiction?

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The Old Testament: Fact or Fiction?

This paper will summarize only a few of the evidences and arguments for the validity of the Old Testament, many more can be found. I am neither a theologian nor a scholar, but I do have an accurate knowledge of the scripture of both the Old and New Testaments. I do know that the Old Testament is prophecy and the New Testament is the fulfillment of that prophesy. Without the Old Testament, the New Testament loses much of its importance. To say that the Old Testament is exaggerated, is to say that our God is not capable of performing vast miracles to keep his promises. I reject this idea. The first paragraph of this essay has nothing to do with anything; I just threw it in for flavor. If I have not provided references for any statement in my essay and you would like to see them, let me know and I will get them for you.

The Family Ties of Cain:

Is it apparent contradiction, or common misconception? I choose the latter. By Genesis 4:14, we have only heard about four people so far - Adam, Eve, Cain, and Able. Two questions arise: Why was Cain worried about being killed by others, and where did he get his wife (see 4:17)?

Adam and Eve had numerous children; they had been told to "fill the earth" (1:28). Cain's guilt and fear over killing his brother were heavy, and he probably feared repercussions from his family. If he was capable of killing, so were they. The wife Cain chose may have been one of his sisters or a niece. The human race was sill genetically pure, and there was no fear or side effects from marrying relatives.

The Old Testament Supported by the...