Old Woman 's Eyes

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This old woman walked through the small road slowly, not surely. Her back was slightly bent. The lines were full of her face, representing her wisdom and experience. Her eyes are like the deepest of ocean, and have a lot of stories to tell.

She wanted some tomato and potato from own farm. She never did this before because it was Jack's business. Jack, her husband,passed away last month.

The farm was not so far from her house, but she still felt tired and had to stop for a rest. She had come here many times because of its green big tree and bines around it, blue flowing river, and cute small bridge. But at this day, she suddenly found almost everything had changed. The big tree was losing its energy. The stock was dry. Almost all leaf had gone. The bines was still round the tree, but lost its color.

Under the tree, she recalled a lot of ducks often played in the river. She turned her head arduously, wanting to search something. But just one thin duck stood at the border of the river, peering at the clear river. Its feather was unpolished and a little out of order. The both sides of the small road, flower was sporadic, not blooming. Before, jack must send her one small flower every time.

She moved very slowly along the road, wearing the oppression and the depression. She missed Jack, and recalled the past happy life. At the end of the road, the old cattle of neighbor were working in the field, very hard. The sweat was shining in the sun. She turned the head at right, finding everything changed back. The old duck was still catching fish in the river. The old tree and the withered bines still armed together. Sun was moving to the west, but the scene of sunset was still beautiful. She smiled, and came back her room slowly, but surely.