The One and True Religion

Essay by bu5t3r December 2004

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I suggest you watch Stigmata the movie to feel the impact that I did. Even though it is just a movie, it brings a very basic idea to life and in a way that most can understand easily. When the the words were said and done, I finally understood the simple concept all religions seem to complicate. I finally realized how brilliant Jesus was and how he has been degraded and used for power and wealth by the church.

There is one, and only one thing you need to do in the real religion of this world and for all that exists. You must understand these words:

The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you.

Not in mansions of stone or wood.

Split a piece of wood and I'll be there.

Lift a stone and you'll find me.

These are the words Jesus spoke.

Let it be known that those who understand these words shall not taste death.

Whether this is Hollywood or heresy is not important, because the final credit that explains this is real. Those words speak more truth about Jesus then anything in the bible, because Christians keep changing "God's word" to suit their own needs. A true believer must live totally by the old and original words of God or they are going to hell by their own terms. The problem here is that God never said when he wanted anything changed, and so the modern and edited bibles are tainted and are unusable. Unless God himself comes down here there is no way around it. No exceptions. Just as the Christians like to preach.

The first words have been gone for over 1500 or so years so what the fuck do they know? It's all one sided and moves in one direction,