Opening of the Berlin Wall.

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November 9, 1989

This day will be remembered as one of the great days in the German history. On that day, the Berlin Wall, which for twenty-eight years had been the symbol of German division, was unexpectedly opened . Thousands of people took the chance and climb the wall to cross the border in many cases for the first time of their life. I suppose it were a dramatic moments and many people burst into tears.

November 13 , 1989

Hans Modrow was elected minister president of the GDR. At this time Chancellor Kohl presented the Ten-Point Plan for the step-by-step unification of Germany.

January 1990

Free elections to the Volkskammer were scheduled for March 18. This were the first free elections in the GDR !!! For the first time, the inhabitants of the GDR could elect what they want and had the choice between much Partys. IN former days the elections in the GDR were not free, independent, equal and secretly.

April 12 , 1990

CDU politician, Lothar de Maizière, was elected the new minister president.

Reason for that maybe was, that the CDU promised that they do all for the issue, that East and West - Germany became ONE State.

May 1990

The "Two-Plus-Four" Talks among the two German governments and the four victorious powers of World War II began on May 5. They were held in for sessions. The last was in September. The get agreed in many important points. One of them was, that the East Border of Germany to Poland is forever! Germany should never try to expand in the East.

July 1990

In a cordial meeting between Gorbachev and Chancellor Kohl on July 16, unified Germany's membership in NATO and its full sovereignty were conceded by the Soviet president.

The first...