The History of the Berlin Wall, Part 1.

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Part 1. This essay explains the history of the Berlin Wall and how it influenced Literature.

The unexpected opening of the barrier between East and West Germany was known in 1989. Many climbed over the wall with joyful hearts as some had not crossed the wall ever in thier lives. The fall of the Berlin Wall influenced literature because the wall was a symbol of German division which was now non-existant. This was also the first time in 28 years that there had been a free election. This also greatly altered people thoughts and would also affect literature as a result of it.

The wall was originally built to counter act the mass migration of emigrants moving to the West in search of better economic opportunities. The greatest factor to the walls existance is the self determination of the German people. Another reason for the duration of the wall was the different forms of government controlling Germany and they opposed each other; especially during the Cold War.

In the begining the wall stood only 6 feet tall with barbed wire lining the top. It was then rebuilt with more powerful security which included guard towers with flood lights, machine gun turrets, and guard dogs patroling the wall.