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1. How many people approximately died in WWII? Forty million people were dead and Europe lay in ruins. By the spring of 1945, Hitler himself was dead, a suicide, the entire centre of his capital and most of the industry destroyed. Almost half of its four million inhabitants were gone.

2. What percentage of the population of West Berlin was left at the end of WWII? 3. Into how many sectors was Berlin divided? Name them. Politically, the Greater Berlin Area of 340 square miles was divided into four sectors, one for each of the Allies. The eastern part went to the Russians. The other Allied Powers, France, Britain and the U.S. divided the Western portion of the city among themselves.

4. What was the role of Berlin in the Cold War? Berlin was an island with special status governed by four nations in the sea of the Soviet Zone of Occupation.

Previous underlying tensions between the Soviets and the Western Allies re-emerged and the world was launched on a new, long, dreary and debilitating period that was to hold us in deadly thrall to the present day. We called it, the Cold War.

5. With which government did West Berlin align itself after the start of the Cold War? What emerged was West Berlin, which took up ties with West Germany, known as the Federal Republic of Germany 6. Where was the political centre of East Germany? East Berlin, which comprised the ruins of the old and historic centre of Berlin and outlying districts to the East, became the capital of the German Democratic Republic.

7. What were the formal names of the two governments of Germany? West and East Germany 8. What was the focus of the Marshall Plan? After World War II, the Americans pumped capital...