How Did Hitler Gained Power

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How did Hitler gained power Saturday 28 June 1919, Germany was practically obliged to sign the treaty of Versailles. This treaty was done to end the First World War. Germany was not invited to the congress, and was accused of having being the main responsible of world war one; so that the other nations decided to oblige Germany to pay all the damages of the war.

For German economy this was terrible and inflation rose to incredible levels, people were starving and the level of unemployment was very high. This was the background on which the Nazi party and Hitler took power.

The Nazi party began in 1919 as a small one in Bavaria called the German Workers' party ruled by Anton Drexler, Hitler was in charge of propaganda and 1920 together they issued the first major policy statement called the 25 point programme. In 1921 Hitler became the leader and changed the name in National Socialist German Workers' Party. Hitler belived that the party would gain popularity if it presented itself as a strong and determined one. He recruited SA, storm troopers, which gave muscles to the party.

By 1923 Hitler had built up a powerful Nazi party in Bavaria and he tried to take over the Bavarian government by the Munich putsch but he failed and was imprisoned for nine months. During this period he reorganized his ideas and decided that the only way to gain power was by winning elections and gain the majority in the Reichstag.

When he exited prison he started to reorganize Nazi Party in a more accurate way and more similar to a real and serious party. He divided it into local units, called Gaue run by a Gauleiter who was appointed by Hitler himself. This idea of splitting up the party...