How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?

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30th January 1933… Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany, the consequences of which would eventually lead to the death of millions, as well as changing the world, as we know it forever. How did Hitler, a man from a simple working class background become Chancellor in 1933?It wasn't long before Hitler was voted in as the party's leader, and in 1920 the party was renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party and the new 25 Point Programme was announced including the abolition of the Treaty of Versailles, Union with Germany and Austria, a true Germany with pure Germans living there excluding Jews, large businesses to be nationalised, generous provision for OAP's and a strong central government in Germany. With Hitler's crucial position as leader of the party he was able to use the power he needed to get to the top making it easier to become Chancellor.

Publicity for Hitler's Nazi Party was crucial to increase their profile.

This happened unexpectedly when Hitler was sent to prison in 1923. He started writing a book; 'Mein Kampf', this book was an autobiography full of untrue and misleading happenings promoting himself as a war hero, nevertheless it sold 240,000 copies. Hitler was now a great hero and a 'celebrity' to the German Public.

In 1929 disaster struck Germany, The Wall Street Crash, Unemployment rocketed and many businesses failed. But this wasn't bad news for everyone; Hitler and the Nazi party quickly counter-attacked the government saying how it was incapable of leading a country, how they needed a party that could take control of the situation and how they were that party. Before the Great Depression the Nazis managed to get a minor 12 seats, while two years later in the high of the depression the Nazis gained a striking 107 seats making...