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Germany is in the northern and eastern hemispheres. It is also a part western and central Europe. It is located at 52 degrees north and 12 degrees east. As for its climate the summers are fairly uniform throughout and the winters are mild but stormy. The mildest and warmest climate occurs in the southwest, in the Rhine Valley and in protected sites on the shore and islands of Lake Constance. Germany is flat in the north and hilly in the central western parts but mountainous in Bavaria. Germanys Literacy rate is 98% but has got as high as 100%. As of 1993 their religions are Protestant 35%, Roman Catholic 34%, and other or none 31%.

Their type of government is federal republic and no president can serve more than 2 terms. As for national defenses they relied primarily on the help of NATO forces stationed in Germany. Education is compulsory for children aged 6 to 15.

After 4 to 6 years at Primary school children attend post-primary, secondary modern, grammar, or comprehensive schools. In industry they are well noted for Cement, iron, cars, crude steel, beer, paper, flour, plastics, and a few more. As for tourism in 1989 there were 48,000 places of accommodation with 1.8 million beds. In the summer of 1989 155-25 million overnight stays were registered.

At one time Germany was split up into Eastern and Western Germany until they reunited in 1990. When Germany was split up West Germany was about the size of Wyoming and East Germany was about the size of Virginia. Now united Germany covers more than 137,000 square miles, about equal to the combined areas of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio but nearly double the population.

Germanys natural resources are diverse and generally modest. The nation forests have been exploited intensively for...