Germany United. On the reunification.

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The reunification of Germany will be a success resulting from the desire of the German people, the political will of the German government, and many international investments. This is clearly evident when examining Germany decades earlier, following World War II. This country overcame devastating drawbacks during the 1940's which posed similar characteristics. Years later, Germany became one of the most successful and extremely powerful countries in the world.

Germans have the desire to work hard and the employment ethics to be successful. This crucial factor largely contributed in the rebuilding of Germany following the Second World War and will play an extremely large part in overcoming the many drawbacks of unification.

In the post-war era, of the1940's, Germany was destroyed in every way possible. Germany's agriculture lay in ruins. The economy had collapsed. 40% of the German people were homeless. Food was scarce. There was no fuel supply, no means of communication and tens of millions of people were deceased.

However, Germany, a country whose citizens are strong willed and determined, saw this devastating crisis as an opportunity. In no time thousands of men, women and children worked together and began to rebuild their nation. As the determined German crews struggled around the clock - stone by stone, building by building, and road by road, the outline of the new country began to take shape.

'An assessment of national character is that Germans, more than anyone else, will

work if you give them a chance to.'

Warren Oliver - International Economist

And soon enough, many hardworking farmers began producing nutritious supplies, hard headed women and men began solving the housing crisis by building 700 000 dwellings a year, innovative citizens began small businesses, and millions of strong willed businessmen opened their factories once again for production. Germans clearly expressed how...