Opinion paper saying that the Great Depresion did help the United States in its aftermath

Essay by danieltfolsom April 2004

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Q: In the 1920s/30s did the government play a role that helped the people or damaged the United States?

A:In the 1920s, there was a surplus of food, a bull market, and plenty of money. But, when big investors took the advice of stock brokers, and went to sell their stocks, a panic occurred. Due to the extravagant increase of stock prices, no one could afford to buy, and even then everyone wanted to sell. Later President Hoover (who was infamous for the so called ?Hoovervilles?) called this panic the Great Depression, its current name. But, even through this depression the country prospered in knowledge. The Depression brought a clearer view of the political parties and how they would react to the American people. It provided jobs through companies; some of the companies even go through today. And it brought the American people to focus on realistic ideas.

The American people could now see a clearer view of the beliefs of political parties. The conservatives (found in the Republican Party) liked to not invest into big change, and often followed a ?trickle down policy.? By following this policy the conservatives gave to the big business owners, and that money given would ?trickle down? to the poor. The big business owner would invest that earned money into his business, thereby providing money to the lower/ middle class workers. The liberal (Democratic/ Green party) often had a more upfront approach, and supported the environment, public works, and also gave direct money to the lower class workers through tax cuts. The radicals (extremist-like libertarians) believed in the idea of completely changing the government. And the anarchist (everything else) believed in taking down the government. This increased knowledge changed peoples mind about who they would vote for.

The government now provided...