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"Oranges" By Gary SotoGary Soto a Mexican American who grew up working as a migrant laborer in California's rich agricultural regions, and later became a poet wrote "Oranges" a poem very fitting to his background. "Oranges" is about a young boys first love at the age of twelve.

The first two lines describe a young boy twelve reminiscing about walking "with a girl". In the next lines the speaker describes how the boy was carrying two oranges in the cold temperatures. Then in the next lines the speaker's description "Frost cracking beneath my steps, my breath before me, then gone" gives great effect to what's to come in the poem. The speaker describes in the next three lines the little girl whom the young boy is going to see, and describes the light on the little girl's porch.

On line twelve the speaker tells of a dog that is barking at the young boy until the little girl comes out the door of her house.

Then in the next four lines the speaker talks about how the little girls face is "bright with rouge". The speaker tells of her face with make-up, but in reality it just might be red from the cold or her excitement from seeing the young boy.

In the next line the speaker describes the young boy smiling and grabbing the girls hand leading her "down the street". In the next two lines the speaker describes of the scenery the two young loves are walking by until they reach the drugstore. On line twelve the speaker uses the line "tiered like bleachers" to describe the candy on the shelves stacked behind one another.

On the next two lines the speaker describes the young girl who with "light in her eyes" was smiling and looking at...