Organic Polutants and Pesticides (in Beijing)

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Living in Beijing China, I am incredibly aware of pollution; I am sure we all are, and that we all hate it, but when one thinks about it, one must come to grips with a sense of self enlightenment and try to understand why exactly the pollution is at such an extreme level.

Despite much anticipation and excitement over the topic of discovering and colonising other inhabitable planets, so far that section of science has been nothing but disappointing. Therefore I believe that mankind must do whatever possible to reduce the number of organic pollutants used, so that, should the search for inhabitable planets continue to fail, we may still be able to live right here on planet Earth a tad longer. Even though money makes the world go round, the amount lost through holding back on using organic pollutants will be miniscule in comparison with the amount of Mother Nature we as humans would be saving.

Although in some countries where most of the land is barren, such as Pakistan, Yemen and Iraq, it might be wise to make use of organic pollutants wherever possible as there is hardly anymore damage to be done. For this is truly an enigmatic question to respond to, as it is the legendary 'double sided blade argument' where both sides have equal effects, to juxtapose them brings the arguing delegate to a balance of zero where both sides have counter attacked eachother to the point of non-existence. To abandon the economy is an inevitable path to absolute anarchy, yet to abandon the earth upon which we live is also a path to anarchy. Thus no matter which path we chose, the laws of entropy are sure to catch up and fling us all into an abysmal anarchic abyss.

To change the question...