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In the film Schindler's List, the life of the famous Oskar Schindler is controversially portrayed. Schindler saved over 1000 Jewish people during the Second World War, yet despite his heroic act during this time many people still question his motives for doing so.

Before the war began Schindler was a womanizing, money hungry man, his main concerns were making that extra dollar. He did have a wife named Emilie, but continuously had affairs behind her back. Now this may have been part of why he has a negative reputation. Yet I believe that although he may not have been the greatest husband or human being for that matter, he did do something historic and should be recognized as a good man. Not any average person would have been able to be successful in saving as many people as he did. Because of his earlier lifestyle, he had the corporate power, the money, and the reputation of a stern business man.

In the beginning of Schindler's factories, his motives weren't to save the Jews, he saw it as a business opportunity, and that is what he did, he made money by manufacturing bowls. However as the was progressed and realized all of the innocent men, women, and children being capriciously killed, a part of himself that was foreign to him became active. He knew that he had to do something about the barbaric happenings of the concentration and work camps, "If you saw a dog going to be crushed under a car wouldn't you help him?" was quoted after the war had ended. He then began to purchase mass numbers of prisoners to work foe him.

The Germans continued their raids on the Jewish Ghettos, killing, torturing and humiliating the Jews. Schindler witnessed one of these in 1942, he...