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Oskar Schindler was an ethnic German. Born on April 28, 1908 in Zwittau, Austria-Hungary what is now known as Moravia in the Czech Republic, he married at the age of nineteen. Schindler grew up with all the privileges that money could possibly buy. He never missed an opportunity to make money. His connections that he found through bribing people at parties helped him obtain a factory which he ran with the cheapest labour around, the Jewish. Oskar was a heavy drinker and had the soul of a gambler which was to win big but might end up losing bigger. He succeeded in his mission for the rich, but by the end of the war he had spent all that he made on keeping 1,300 Jewish men and women alive by providing them jobs in the factory using false reports, bribery and lies. Later, when the removal of Jews to death camps begun, Schindler's accountant put him in contact with the remaining Jews who had wealth to invest in his factory.

In return they would be able to work there and be out of danger. Oskar would persuade to hire more Jewish workers claiming their skills as "essential" and by paying off the Nazis so that they would allow them to stay in Krakow (this was a brave action taken by Schindler). He made another good achievement because as he was making money, the people in his factory were fed and no one was beaten or killed. As the holocaust began, Schindler's protection for the Jewish workers became increasingly lively. In 1942, he had witnessed a German attack on the Jewish ghetto. As he stood and watched innocent people being packed onto trains bound for a death to come soon, something had awakened him. At this moment he stated "Beyond this...