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Page 1 of 5 The most interesting and despised character in William Shakespeare?s tragic play Othello, is Iago. From the beginning, Iago?s evilness is apparent. That motivates behind Iago?s actions are pure evil. Despite the fact for his personal gain, his evilness is what feeds him.

Iago?s main interest in this play is the destruction of Othello. Iago is out to destroy Othello because he despises him. Othello had chosen Cassio as his lieutenant over Iago. Iago felt he should have been made Othello?s lieutenant and not Casio. Iago?s clear resentment toward Othello, and his clear racism, caused Iago to despise the moor. This clear hatred towards Othello only leads to Iago?s evilness waiting to be fed more.

Because Iago?s is much too cleaver and smart to immediately to kill Othello, he begins to conspire against him.

Iago is also cleaver and enough to get others to do his dirty work.

Iago?s first begins to manipulate Rodrigo. Rodrigo thinks that I ago is his friend. Rodrigo is devastated because Desdemona has married Othello. Rodrigo wanted to Desdemona to be his very own. Iago uses Rodrigo?s pain to feel his evilness. Because Iago is an expert judge of people and their characters, he uses this to his advantage. Iago manipulates Rodrigo and tells him that the only way to win Desdemona?s love is be making money so that he can give gifts to Desdemona. But the entire time however, Iago Page 2 of 5 is keeping the gift that Rodrigo has intended for Desdemona. In act IV, Rodrigo confronts Iago. Rodrigo?s feels that Iago has been upfront with him, and that he is taking advantage of him. Iago?s being has cunning an evil...