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Othello The story Othello is a love and tragic story about Othello and his wife Desdemona. Even though he loved his wife dearly, insecurity came before his love and he let jealousy blind him. Ahead, you will read about this beautiful and sad love story, that if it wouldn't have been because of Othello jealousy, it could have been one of the most beautiful and inspiring love story of all time. You will read a brief summary of what this story is about. You will also read some points that are important to discuss and evaluate.

This play is about a man called Othello who marries Desdemona secretly. Not many people were in favor of this marriage because Othello is black and Desdemona is white. Othello had two best friends, but the reality is that one of them, Iago, does not care about Othello or anybody else. He just cares of making everyone miserable.

Iago makes Othello think his wife is cheating on him with his other best friend. And since Othello had a complex of his difference, he believed Iago, making him blind and unable to see the truth. Well, at the end, the truth came out late. After Othello killed Desdemona, Iago told the truth and Othello killed himself. Three characters died at the end, and Iago lived to suffer all the hurt he caused others.

This story has many elements that can make us think about real life. Many jealous people (husbands, wife, boyfriend, girlfriends, and even friends) kill their significant others because they don't have any trust in the other person. I consider myself a jealous person, but not to the point to exaggeration. When I have a boyfriend, I am positive that he is only with me, and that makes me trust him. When I do get jealous, I think about all what he means to me and vice versa. After remembering all the love we feel for each other, the jealousy just goes away. If Othello would have trusted Desdemona, and was not so insecure about him, the play would have had a very different ending. Another thing is that you have to be very careful with whom you call friend. We always have to remember that nobody is perfect, and people in one way or the other can betray you.

As we can clearly see, Othello put his jealousy first than his love for Desdemona. Jealousy is a very bad thing, and it can make you blind. We should trust the love we have with that person. With Iago, we can learn that there are good friends and bad friends. We have to know how to choose them, and try not to trust that person right away. Othello found the woman of his dreams in Desdemona, but because of his jealousy he put aside his love for her. A good person is very hard to find, do not let them go. Try to work out any difference you might have, and if that does not work out, give each other time to think about what each other really want.