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"The Tragedy of Othello" ( The Moor of Venice) is a famous tragedy play written by William Shakespeare around 1603. The first known performance occurred on November 1, 1604, at Whitehall Palace in London. The play has three main characters; Othello, Iago and Desdemona, these are the soul characters of the play. Roderigo wanting Othello's wife (Desdemona) so he pays Iago to trick Othello into believing she is disloyal to him, so Roderigo would end with Othello's wife (Desdemona). In this essay I will discuss the three main characters Othello Iago and Desdemona and how the actors (whom ever they may be) should portray them.

Othello is the 'title character' of the play. He is an African Moor living in Venice, as well as being a general in the Venetian army. He is tricked by his lower ranked officer; Iago into believing that his wife, Desdemona is having an affair with one of his soldiers; Michael Cassio and so Othello kills Desdemona.

Othello's character is normally very believing and friendly. He is a top ranked army general and has respect from people all over Italy e.g. when the herald announces celebration that "our noble general Othello!". When acting the character Othello he should be portrayed differently in each Act. In the first act the actor should play him as a very kind, loving and loyal person which he shows when he announces his true love for the fair Desdemona as well as carrying out the orders to invade turkey by his superior officers. Othello's character is also a slightly cocky as he does have a reputation for being one of the best soldiers ever. So the actor needs to play him, as a genuine, caring and friendly with a little ego.

In Act 2 Othello is played similarly...