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In William Shakespeare's tragic play Othello, Shakespeare created literatures greatest villain, Iago. Iago is a sly, sneaky, evil, deceiving individual who earns your hate throughout the story.

Iago has great personality traits for being a villain. He is young and treacherous, and lets you know that he is the villain from the very start. He is immoral, but very perceptive, keen, and able to manipulate people, tricking them into falling for the traps he sets without them being aware of it. For example, he manipulates Othello from the beginning of the story, by acting like his friend, saying he loves him and by calling him is lord. He just got into Othello's head and convinces him to kill his own wife. He also convinces people to think he is honest to gain their trust. In act II scene 1, Iago is quoted saying "As honest as I am," which we know is not true, but it works well to gain the trust of Othello.

Being treacherous, deceiving, and immoral are great for a villain, but being smart is what was best for Iago. Iago was so smart he figured out a way so he wouldn't have to do any dirty work. He tricked Roderigo into trying to kill Cassio by telling him that Cassio and Desdemona have a thing for eachother. Iago had the whole plot in his head, to work out in his favor without his hands getting dirty at all. That's why I think his smarts were his best traits.

The one action Iago takes that makes me think he's a great villain was in act V, scene II, when his plan was discovered, he stabs his own wife to try avoid being caught. Othello calls Iago a devil. Devil is the only word...