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Theme: The setting change from Venice to Cyprus represents the concept change from order to chaos.

I. Culture A. Time Period and What Was Going On 1. 16th Century 2. Cyprus was controlled by Venice (since 1489) 3. Ottoman-Islamic Turks attempting to capture Cyprus from Christian Venetians 4. Turks eventually gained control of island in 1571=>this lasted until 1878 B. Society 1. Venice was ethnically mixed a. Blacks (moors) b. Jews 2. Moors a. Generally associated with witchcraft and savagery b. Othello 1. Considered a "white" or "tawny" Moor 2. He had risen above par=> was considered respectable II. Setting A. Venice 1. Strong central government (Senate) 2. Referred to as "The City" 3. Known for it's reason, law, and social concord B. Cyprus 1. Othello is the ruler 2. More natural, wild, and uncontrolled 3. Location is between strong government of Venice and barbaric Turkish fleet III. Characters A.

Venice 1. Othello a. Self-confidence b. Honorable c. Has a peace of mind 2. Cassio a. Good in the military b. Worthy of promotion c. Respectable 3. Desdemona a. Truly good b. Othello sees her as pure and trustworthy 4. Iago a. Causes unharmful chaos b. Ruffles feathers c. No real damage ever done B. Cyprus 1. Othello a. Very paranoid b. Suspects Desdemona of wrongdoing 2. Cassio a. Gets drunk/Can't control himself b. Loses promotion 3. Desdemona a. Has not changed=>still truly good b. Othello now sees her as evil and betraying 4. Iago a. Now creates total chaos b. His suggestions to Othello lead to vast destruction and death