Other Warning Signs (Informative Speech)

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I. Ever get that creepy feeling that something terrible is about to happen? II. All of our lives, we are bombarded with warnings. There is the label on the pill bottle that tells you not to operate heavy machinery, Don't walk signs, and there is the one that some see many times a day This web site includes sexual content.

III. We gloss over these cautionary signs because we know that most are designed with one purpose, to cover someone else's butt. Still there are some warning signs that all should know, because they can help you cover the most important butt of all, your own. There are some yellow lights that should always grab your attention, and what to do if you see them flashing.

IV. It takes for ever for a bruise to disappear, maybe a warning sign of diabetes (other warning signs include itchy skin and tingling in your feet).

One way to fight back is to eat raw vegetables. A Study in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology found that people who are raw vegetables daily were 84% less likely to develop diabetes and those who rarely ate raw vegetables.

V. You got hit on the head; head trauma can have the same effect as a 49 cent cheeseburger special. It can cause rapid weight gain if the area of the brain that control appetite are injured. Damage to this area can lead to the development if a insatiable appetite say's nerouglist Dr. Michael Steelman., Try to keep your appetite in check while your injury heals. It can take several days to weeks for the effects of a concussion go away.

VI. Your left shoe sole wears out before your right one; It is probably a sign that you have a leg length discrepancy, which can lead...