The Outbreak of the Cold war

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At the time when World War two had fell victoriously on the side of the Grand Alliance, tensions between the allies became palpable in 1945. During the War, Britain and the USA were allies of the Soviet Union but the only thing that united them was their hatred of Germany. An intense rivalry between communist and non-communist nations led to the Cold War as their desire of control over the world dominated grew strongly. The question that many historians discuss at the present time is "who between the West and the USSR is to be blamed for the Cold War?". I personally think that the most convincing probability is that both sides are to blame, having each contributed on different levels to the outbreak of the Cold War.

The USA along with Great-Britain held tight to a capitalist democracy that valued freedom and feared communism seen as an oppressed government suppressing personal freedoms.

The United States wanted to protect democracy and help Germany recover worrying that all eastern European countries would fall in the hands of the Russians and their communist allies.

The Soviet Union in opposition with this capitalist system privileging the "oppression of man by man" had a communist political system based on the ideas of Karl Marx. USSR privileged the group, the party to the detriment of private ownership and political power held by wealthy classes. Stalin wanted the soviet states and the "satellite countries" to secure Russia's territory from a possible invasion of capitalist states.

It was clear that the differences of principles between the communist and capitalist states made these two political systems incompatible during the post-war period.

USSR and the USA were holding grudges at each other. Stalin could not forget the time when in 1918, when communist Russia was submerged by a civil...