Outline three different ways Christians can practice personal devotion in their tradition and analyze how these practices relate to the principal teachings and beliefs of Christianity.

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Practicing devotion is the central core of establishing a certain faith. In Christianity, adherents partake in personal devotions in order to strengthen their faith as well as to spiritually bond with the inner soul and Jesus.

There are many forms of devotion that can be expressed in the Christian faith including scripture reading, praying the rosary and the personal devotion of using icons.

The Scripture is quite a significant aspect in the personal devotion of adherents. It is known as the bible and is the writings of the beliefs and practices of the Christian faith. It is widely accepted by all variants of Christianity and is the basis of the faith, where it is viewed as both important and sacred. It also interprets the way adherents are to live their life and their beliefs including that Jesus is the Lord (Rom 10:9) and accounts of the last supper (Luke 22:14-28).

For all variants, Jesus is considered to be the central figure of Christianity, which is a common belief. Due to this, devotional practises are all Jesus-centred, where he is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). For this reason, all personal devotions are targeted at Jesus through intercession and prayer, making Jesus a model of prayer.

The reading of scriptures is also seen as a meditation on the life and teachings of Jesus, where it is praying through the understanding of the word. This devotion of scripture reading is noted through Timothy 4:13 where it states: "Till I come, give attendance to reading". These scriptures, therefore, then relate to the devotions as the scripture contains all beliefs, teachings and events of Christianity, in which are prominent aspects in all devotions.

Another popular devotion is the rosary, which is primarily associated with the Catholic Church. It incorporates recitation and...