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Common Sense JB

Thomas Paine

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When Thomas Paine published Common Sense, a pamphlet written in January of 1776, American colonies were inspired by his work. Before anyone recommended the formation of a separate nation, Paine was demanding freedom from Britain. While the most extreme patriots were revolting against the high taxes, he was writing a manifesto which exclaimed that America was ready to become its own entity, free from Britain.

His poignant and fervent views on government sparked the issuance of the Declaration of Independence.

This was a fragile time in American history. We were under control by the British, and needed a leader. Paine saw the opportunity for independence, and he knew if it wasn't achieved soon, that it may never come at all. This time in history was incredibly relevant, as it sparked the birth of our nation. I was very interested in reading a book by an author described as the "English Voltaire".

I also wanted to read this work because of the interesting commentary on the validity of monarchy in general. I've always questioned how an entire nation could blindly follow the will of just one man or woman. Paine's take on government was intriguing, and always backed-up with justifiable facts.

After reading Common Sense I'm left with a feeling of pride. Overall I'm impressed that Paine put together such an eloquent piece of literature, while still being able to justify everything he wrote. He broke down the facts, equating the value of the entire British Navy, and then proved that America could produce a force to equal or even surpass it. He was a bold man who knew what needed to be done before anyone else did. He was a pioneer in his concepts of government and society.

His thoughts on...