This paper analyzes the marketing approaches of rivaling companies, ADIDAS and Nike.

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When thinking of athletic clothing the first two names that pop into most people's minds are Nike and Adidas, they have been product rivals for years. They have been known to have the same target market, same type of merchandise, and the same type of prices. More than ever, they are attempting to differentiate the two brands in their customer's eyes, especially when selling their athletic wear to women. Both Nike and Adidas have positioned their brand in ways that each company assumes will be most effective.

Traditionally, Adidas has advertised its women's clothing strictly to athletes. Although the most recent addition to their product list is a line inspired by rapper, Missy Eliot, labeled "Respect Me".The apparel featured has a street inspired versatility that can be worn on a night out or to the gym. Although, you can't get "Respect Me" gear where you can normally find Adidas merchandise.

This exclusive line, and its inflated prices, is occasionally found in retailers, but mostly ordered directly from Adidas either online or by catalog. In not making their product easily attainable and raising the price, Adidas is creating a demand for their pioneering line.

Not only is the product itself hard to find, but advertising in more traditional media such as magazines and television is also sporadic. Instead, Adidas has set out a tour of fashion shows also increasing the want of their products. The publicity created by all the hype as well as the famous face behind it can be as beneficial as the paid advertising.

While Adidas has ventured on market development, Nike is pursuing market penetration. Nike's newest campaign is not looking for a different market or to sell a new product, but they are celebrating what makes their already established market so admirable. In the...