Paper on the atlantic slave trade and the benefits of the traingle trade

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Throughout the recent years in history, African Americans have been exchanged for goods and money. The blacks are treated as property, are poorly fed, are not given the chance to keep good hygiene, and are transported from Africa to the Americas and Europe in clusters. Many blacks die during the voyage through the Middle Passage because of the environment on the slave boats. People are not well fed, they have poor hygiene, and when one person gets sick, so do all the rest. In the triangle trade, the blacks are traded to Europe for guns, which then trade the blacks to the Americas for goods such as sugar. In this triangular trade system, each one of the three countries benefit because they are all receiving something that they did not have before. The blacks are beaten, and treated like they do not even matter. The death of a black person has no meaning to these white slave owners who have no heart.

They have no remorse for ruining the lives of so many people who never did any harm to them. They are rounded up in herds and separated from their families, thrown onto boats, and shipped away to live out the rest of their lives in slavery. There has never been a successful slave revolt, and they always lead to the death of more and more blacks. Once these blacks are captured, they have no will to live anymore. They realize that they will never be free in their life again, and neither will their offspring. The entire family is put into slavery and there is nothing they can do about it. Many attempt to escape, but few succeed. Once the blacks reach America, they are sold to more white landowners who use them as free labor. They...