This paper entails the case of O.J. Simpson.

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On June 13, 1994 12: a.m. - Police arrive at the Bundy murder scene. They soon discover the dead body of Nicole Brown Simpson and a second body they identify as being Ron Goldman. . The officers contacted the detectives on duty. The officers' duties included making sure that no unauthorized people may enter the scene. They also have to protect all possible evidences left by the suspect. In this case; however,officers allowed unauthorized officers the go through the scene allowing contamination to the crime scene.

The first officers on the scene had taken notes regarding the scene. Once the investigators arrived they should have taken over, more detailed notes were taken, sketches of the scene were made, photographs taken and markings were made where Nicole Simpson's and Ron Goldman's body was and the patterns in which the blood had splattered. The pictures needs to show where everything was and the exact location of all evidence, these pictures, sketches and reports would be used in court to defense exclude the suspect in question, or the prosecution in identifying the suspect.

The reports would show a description of the scene, date, time, location, victims' description, and wounds of the victims this will help investigators reconstruct when and how the crime was committed. While the investigators are doing their job, it is the job of another team to take statements n from witnesses could possibly help the police determine the time of the incident and /or even a suspect description. Neighbors were interviewed: 10:15 p.m. - Several neighbors report hearing a dog's plaintive wail, a cry for help so to speak. 10:30 p.m. - Robert Heidstra, one of Nicole's neighbors, reports hearing a man's voice shouting, "Hey! Hey! Hey!." He also reported hearing another man respond, but could not...