A paper that make arguments against euthanasia and clerly defines euthanasia (best used in debate class for neg)

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Historically those nations that have opened the door to the monster of euthanasia have slid into a nightmare of murder. This is precisely what happened in Nazi Germany. They began by killing the sick and old then they destroyed the mentally ill, mentally retarded, and infants born with deformities. From there, it was but a small step to begin exterminating undesirables the Jews, Poles, Gypsies, the nonproductive, political prisoners, homosexuals, and others. Euthanasia was the first small step down the road toward the Nazi extermination camps. Let's look at euthanasia from a more modern perspective. Suppose Diane is an 18-year-old high school senior who is deeply loved by her friends and family. One day, she fails to come home from school when expected.

By six-thirty that evening, her mother starts to worry. When eight o'clock rolls around, her father calls the police, he is told there's been no report of an accident.

None of the local hospitals have a patient named Diane. Her mother then begins making frantic telephone calls and finally reaches Diane's best friend, Rene. "Oh Mrs. Johnson" Rene says with compassion. She begins to cry. "I wanted so much to call you but I promised Diane I would let the clinic tell you." "Clinic" "what clinic" says Mrs. Johnson? "You know," says Rene. "The Life Choice Clinic downtown, I think you'd better call them. Diane's mother gets the clinic administrator on the line, who says, "I'm terribly sorry Mrs. Johnson, we were just getting ready to call you I know this will be hard for you please sit down. Diane came in this afternoon and asked to be assisted in her passing. You may know that she has been very depressed about her grades and because of the rejection letter she received from...