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Branch Paper

Special Forces

In the last century, the shift from conventional fighting to more aid and peace-keeping missions, along with guerrilla and insurgency fighting has created a foreign policy that now calls upon small, highly trained elite units. That is where the United States Special Forces, commonly known as the Green Berets, come in to play.

The Special Forces were created in a small corner of Ft. Bragg in April of 1952. At the helm of this new unit was Col. Aaron Bank, an OSS Special Operations veteran of WWII. On 20 June 1952, the 10th Special Forces was formed (later to be renamed the 5th), made up of ten soldiers. Following the 10th, which was specifically designed to fight with guerrillas behind enemy lines of WWIII, was the 77th Special Forces Group in September of 1953. Also based out of Ft. Bragg, NC, was being trained mostly as a special operations group, to be able to respond to any type of rising threat.

Following the 77th was the 1st, selected fight in the Far East, based out of Okinawa. From this point onward, Fort Bragg became the nucleus of the Special Warfare Center, now known as the John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance. Special Forces have been involved in every major and minor conflict the world has seen since 1955. U.S. Special Forces troops first entered Vietnam for the first time in 1957. In the course of one year, one unit of the 1st was able to train a team fifty-eight men of the Vietnamese Army at the Commando Training Center in Nha Trang. The trainees would later become the instructors and cadre for the first Vietnamese Special Forces units. On 21 September 1961 the 5th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces, which would eventually be...