Parent and Child

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I was eating lunch on Saturday at Los Mariachi's, (a Mexican restaurant) when I noticed a child (about three) wanting some fried ice cream, but the parent (about 27) felt that the child had eaten enough already and told the child he could not have any. This child started to cry just a little at first, I guess he was trying to see if he would get his way. When he saw that was not working, he started to cry harder and really make noises. So, instead of following through with her decision she asks the waiter to bring the child a fried ice cream. The child stopped crying and the parents began talking again. I also observed that the mother was the only one dealing with this problem. I watched the man with her and he never said a word. I do feel it was the child's father because of such resemblance.

The father had a look of "I don't want to deal with this problem" on his face, which is not good I feel that he needs to be just as involved with the child as the mother is, after all he did take part in the conception of the child. The parent did not handle the punishment (which was none, except to tell the child to stop screaming) at all like discussed in chapter 5. She did not use any discipline techniques. Just like it says in the book on page 145, "Punishment requires varying degrees of effort on the parents' part".

I do feel the child could and should have been handled different. The child should have been told the consequences for his actions; like tell him if he can not behave in the restaurant then he will have to leave the...