Parties and Presidential Elections ... Which regions in the United States vote Democratic or Republican and why.

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A presidential candidate may already know that 90% of his votes will be from those who are registered under his running party. He may also already know the voting behaviors of certain states and regions of the country whom will vote for him just because of his party. This essay will discuss which region votes democratic and define two factors as to why, and will also discuss which region votes republican and define two factors for this behavior.

According to the map, region one (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska) supported Bill Clinton in both of his elections. One reason for this behavior is the low median income of the area. Democratic support of welfare and other social programs makes the party more appealing to these states. Unlike the Republican party, which is in favor of a decentralized government, in which the national government gives more power to the states.

Instead, those who vote democratic believe the government should do more for them.

In addition, there is a high concentration of minorities throughout the territory. In California, the minority voters will soon outweigh the "majority white" voters. History has dictated that minorities tend to favor the Democratic platform for its ongoing quest for social equality.

The map also shows that region three (North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas) did not vote for Bill Clinton in both of his elections. One reason for this voting behavior is the religious factor in each of these states. This region is known to acknowledge the bible and be in favor of strengthening morality and order. The Republican platform states that order comes first, so it would be a reason why those who value religion are to vote republican.

The claim that these states vote Republican can also be backed up by the...