Passing on knowledge by teaching.

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Knowledge in my opinion is changing based on our experiences and the environment that surrounds us. Therefore, we must teach children as well as adults to be cognizant of their every day life experiences and to learn how those experiences have affected them positively or negatively. Learning is an ongoing process for all of us. This I believe is important to instill in students. As an educator it is important to teach students critical thinking skills necessary for life. I don’t want my students to regurgitate information. I want them to take what I have presented; analyze, think it over, and present it back to me with their own values and ideas formulated. Students should establish their own views with confidence. I want to instill respect and be respected by students. Respecting a students overall character and where they come from enables me to be a better teacher. I know that students can teach me as much as I can teach them.

When I speak to students, individually, in a small or large group setting I look at them for clues of what they are grasping and what they are absorbing from my discussion. If I need to I will review key concepts or ideas that may need further exploration. Understanding is critical, I want them to retain the information I have given them. I think the worst experience I have had in a classroom is a teacher who expected me to “just get it”. We all have different styles of learning. Every child can learn and every child wants to learn. Some students need more time or they may need visuals in order to learn what is being taught. Because of the different styles it may benefit the students to teach each other in a controlled and supervised environment,