Who are the Pauline Brothers and how have they contributed to Australian society?

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[This is the symbol used by the Pauline Fathers to identify themselves. MSSP stands for Missionary Society of Saint Paul]


As Paulist Missionaries we are invited by God in Love to share God's Dream for Humanity of restoring all in Christ.

In contemplative listening, we constantly discover this invitation in God's Word, with the People of God, through each other and in the world.

We gratefully respond, through our weaknesses and strengths, by participating in the Spirit's liberation and reconciliation of Humanity.

[Taken from MSSP homepage]

Joseph De Piro was born in Malta on November 2nd, 1877 into a wealthy and influential family. As a young man he thought about becoming a lawyer but then felt that God was calling him to the priesthood. In 1903, after the completion of his studies, he was ordained in Rome.

Joseph De Piro founded the Missionary Society of Saint Paul in 1910, on the small Mediterranean Island of Malta.

His dream was to form a congregation of men who, inspired by the gospel, like Paul the Apostle, would witness to Christ in missions and attitudes of sharing and respect.

After sending his first missionary to Ethiopia, Joseph died on September 17, 1933, leaving his Society alone at a very early stage. The Missionary Society of Saint Paul had to go through a lot of trials and suffering before it could be officially recognised by the Vatican, in 1973.

And so the MSSP was born. The Paulist Missionaries are a group of men - brothers and priests - from different cultures living together in community, giving witness to the fact that all Christians are called to be charitable. Wherever they are, their call as Paulists, is to respect and transcend cultural differences and to reach out to all the world...