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Before we start our meeting today, I would like to address the behavior at our April general meeting. I would like to apologize to our principals for the unbecoming behavior displayed at the meeting. It was completely inappropriate and uncalled for. Everyone needs to keep in mind the focus and purpose of the PCC, which is for the benefit of our children, to bring enrichment into the school which might not be available without the hard work and generosity of the parents. Parents volunteer a great deal of their time to make this things happen and we should be very grateful for all their efforts. Instead, the behavior at our last meeting was disgusting. There is no reason for shouting, 3 or 4 people talking at the same time. Things got totally out of control and it was embarrassing. Due to the behavior at that meeting we wasted valuable time to discuss the issues on our agenda.

I would ask that beginning at this meeting and in the future that everyone remember the basic rules of etiquette. Please refrain from interrupting when someone is addressing the group, raise your hand if you would like to speak, use a civil tone when speaking.

If anyone has a constructive comment I would welcome you to speak, however, if not, I suggest we get down to the business we came here to discuss.