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There are quite a few things that have an influence on my perceptions. I think the biggest one of all comes from one of my five basic senses. This sense is my sense of sight. My eyes tell me what I want to see and what I want to know. My sight basically judges the world around me. Your eyes teach you how to read a person and their actions. One is able to perceive how a person reacts to certain situations just by watching them. One can watch the way a person is doing something and be able to tell if they are nervous, just by reading their body language. "Immediately I made an assessment of him and his behavior: 'The speaker is either hiding something or not being honest.'" (Guest Lecture from Pauline Shirley, "What Fuels Our Perceptions? ") She says in the lecture that she did some research on body language and learned that people who rub or scratch their noses are not being honest about something.

This proves my opinion on sight being an aid in perception. As I stated before, your eyes do not lie.

Though I stated that my sense of sight is my strongest and helps me see things clearly, my eyes can also play tricks on me. I can see something and have an understanding that makes sense to me and have it be incorrect because I clearly did not hear it. I have a tendency of jumping to conclusions when seeing something, even if I didn't hear exactly what was going on. Sometimes I feel that my sight in itself can tell me what is going on. Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn't work. I make assumptions based on something I saw rather than hearing the story behind...